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Truffle in White Cream


The Zigante Tartufi Truffle in White Cream is a sumptuous vegan condiment that promises to add a touch of luxury to any dish. Housed in a sleek jar with an earth-toned label that underscores its natural ingredients, this cream is as visually appealing as it is palate-pleasing. It features a rich, velvety texture that seamlessly blends into pastas, risottos, or as a decadent spread over crusty bread. The flavor is characterized by the earthy depth of truffles, elegantly carried by a smooth, white cream base, creating a harmonious balance that can elevate simple meals to gourmet standards. With a commitment to quality, Zigante Tartufi ensures that each jar contains the essence of the truffle experience, making it a must-have staple for any kitchen where fine dining is appreciated.

Each 220g jar contains five servings, with each 40g serving providing 230 calories, making it a robust addition to any meal. The cream is crafted with attention to nutritional balance as well, offering 1g of protein and less than 1g of dietary fiber per serving. The product's shelf life is clearly marked, ensuring freshness and quality until its best before date. With the Zigante Tartufi brand, consumers are assured of the authenticity and premium quality of this truffle-infused delight.