Famiglia Crispino

Antipasto Olive alla Monacale (MONACALE OLIVE)


About Antipasto Olive alla Monacale

Dive into a timeless culinary tradition with the Antipasto Olive alla Monacale. These olives are more than just a delicacy; they are a journey into the heart of Calabria, capturing its essence and spirit with every bite.

These handpicked olives are bathed in a rich extra virgin olive oil, adding a luxurious and smooth depth of flavor. The gentle heat of chilli pepper, the aromatic notes of garlic, and the earthy touch of oregano combine to create a symphony of tastes that delight the senses. Each olive is a testament to the dedication and craft of the master cannery artisans, who cherish the age-old recipes of Calabria. Without artificial colorings and with minimal preservatives, Antipasto Olive alla Monacale offers a genuine taste that transports you straight to the Mediterranean coasts with its authenticity and warmth.

About Famiglia Crispino

Famiglia Crispino is a beacon of authentic Italian culinary craftsmanship from the heart of Calabria. Rooted in tradition and fueled by a passion for purity, they have, for generations, championed the use of local produce sourced within a 50 kilometer radius. Their unwavering dedication to simplicity and quality ensures that only the freshest and most vibrant ingredients are used in their products. By abstaining from acidity correctors like salt, sugar, and citric acid, they present a palate of flavors that's both genuine and unparalleled. At Famiglia Crispino, every sauce is not merely a condiment, but a heartfelt ode to the rich tapestry of Italian gastronomy.

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