Introducing Famiglia Crispino: A Taste of Italian Tradition, Now in the US!

Introducing Famiglia Crispino: A Taste of Italian Tradition, Now in the US!

Sep 13, 2023Jared Melkun

In the world of gourmet delights, few things matter more than unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity. At Taycte, this commitment is not just a business approach, but a deeply ingrained philosophy. We have long celebrated the Italian passion for gastronomic excellence, meticulously curating the finest balsamic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils. And it is this shared commitment to excellence that brings us to our newest venture with Famiglia Crispino, making our partnership not just an obvious choice but a promise of unmatched quality to our consumers.

A Legacy of Italian Gastronomy

The Crispino family, having upheld Italian culinary traditions since 1979, mirrors our ethos. From the heart of Calabria, they have been crafting gastronomic specialties that echo the very spirit of Italy. Their recipes, steeped in history, promise an experience that transcends mere taste.

What Makes Famiglia Crispino Special?

It's not just about the recipes, but the philosophy behind them:

  • Tradition: Ancient recipes and production methods passed down for generations.
  • Respect for Nature: Only the finest, natural ingredients are used.
  • Local Sourcing: Ingredients are sourced within a 50 km radius of their production site, ensuring the freshest picks from local Calabrian farmers. This proximity eliminates the need for acidity correctors, such as salt, sugar, and citric acid, ensuring a natural and authentic taste.
  • Commitment to Quality: A short supply chain and a focus on food safety underpin their foundational values.

Their motto, Sapuri e Amuri di Calabria (Taste and love of Calabria), encapsulates their passion and love for their homeland. It's this love that Taycte is excited to share with all of you.

Taycte & Famiglia Crispino: A Partnership Rooted in Excellence

Our collaboration is more than a business agreement—it's a shared vision to bring the unparalleled tastes of Calabria to the tables of American families. Through Taycte, the US market will now have access to the luxurious culinary masterpieces of Famiglia Crispino.

Join us on this gastronomic journey as we explore the depths of Italian flavors, traditions, and the love embedded in every Crispino product. Whether you're a professional chef seeking the best ingredients or a culinary enthusiast eager to experience international flavors, Taycte, in partnership with Famiglia Crispino, promises a journey worth savoring.

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