About Us

The Best Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil, And Beyond!

Our Story

Longtime friends Kajo A. Kajevic and Dan B. Lee shared a passion for good food, good company, and global travel. Coming from very different professional backgrounds, it was pandemic lockdowns that led to them becoming business partners.

Together they founded Taycte, and set out on a mission to bring some of the world's best culinary products to everyday kitchens. They both believe that international cuisine is a gateway drug to learning about, and better understanding, other cultures.

To put it in the words of the late, great Anthony Bourdain, “Food may not be the answer to world peace, but it’s a start.”

Our goal is to make your food taste better, and enrich your life with international culture and culinary traditions.


Meet the Team

Kajo Kajevic, Co-founder

Kajo's childhood had him living near the borders of Italy, Croatia, Austria, and Switzerland. As an adult, he's lived and worked in Italy, Israel, and Australia. His experiences in all of these different countries add up to a unique, multi-cultural perspective, which has been invaluable to Taycte. In his first career as an Olympic swim coach, Kajo trained athletes in five different countries -- and is no stranger to precision, dedication, and excellence. When the global pandemic halted the sports world, he channeled his energy and expertise into co-founding Taycte.

Kajo's extensive network and fluency in multiple languages enable him to set up international meetings, negotiate vendor agreements, and close deals with remarkable acumen. His commitment to discovering and importing world-class products from Europe to the American market is the cornerstone of Taycte's success. Kajo's background in high-performance sports and his passion for culinary excellence ensure that Taycte delivers only the finest products to its customers. This blend of cultural appreciation and relentless pursuit of quality is what makes Taycte stand out today.


Dan B. Lee, Co-founder

Dan's background is in technology and operations. Having cut his teeth at Fidelity Investments and Duke University, he was drawn to the world of start-up companies and entrepreneurialism. After moving to Brooklyn in 2013, he joined a burgeoning event tech company, part of BREAKFAST Studio. After expanding their presence in the US, he developed and launched an international licensing program, signing and onboarding partners covering 20+ countries. 

Though he only speaks two languages, Dan has travelled to (and worked with) business partners in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Qatar, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Switzerland, Brazil, and Mexico. Along with his work with Taycte, Dan is also the co-founder of Rememorate (an app that helps you remember people's names), and the CIO of TeamCraft Roofing (a leading industrial roofing contractor).