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Selected Taycte Imports

Famiglia Crispino's Calabrian Sauces

Famiglia Crispino, hailing from the heart of Calabria, Italy, is celebrated for its award-winning sauces and appetizers, distinguished by their minimal use of preservatives and rich, authentic flavors. Embodying the essence of Italian culinary traditions, their products are a testament to a commitment to quality and natural ingredients.

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Explore the Acetaia

Take a tour of esteemed balsamic-maker Acetaia Malpighi. Since the 1850's, the Malpighi family has been perfecting the recipe passed down from Augusto Malpighi. The Acetaia has been in constant operation since, and has balsamics as old as 175 years. Made with the finest ingredients, an unwavering passion for perfection, and lots of time, these world class balsamics are available in limited quantities.

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Indulge with High Quality EVOO

Taycte has partnered with Cooperative de Canino and Monte Rosso, two of the most internationally acclaimed olive oil producers, to bring the best of the Mediterranean to your doorstep. We source rich and authentic oils, which are harvested meticulously from aged trees and cold pressed to ensure the highest quality, lowest acidity olive oil on the market.

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Meet Oliver Farms

Oliver Farms is recognized for producing award-winning cold-pressed, unrefined oils from seeds and nuts native to the South, such as pecan, green peanut, and sunflower oils. Located near Pitts, Georgia, this Georgia Centennial Farm has partnered with Taycte. Experience the difference cold-pressed, unrefined oils can make.

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Our Exclusive Imported Producers

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