Zigante Tartufi

Black Truffle Carpaccio


The Black Truffle Carpaccio by Zigante Tartufi is an exquisite culinary product that allows you to enjoy the rich and unique flavor of black truffles throughout the year. This luxurious delicacy is crafted from premium black truffles, specifically the Tuber Aestivum variety, which are hand-selected at the peak of the summer truffle season. The truffles are then expertly sliced and preserved in a carefully balanced blend of extra virgin olive oil, vegetable oil, and salt.

The preservation method used for this truffle carpaccio is designed to maintain the truffles' inherent flavors and textures, resulting in a product that offers a crisp al dente bite, reminiscent of fresh black truffles. The truffles sourced for this carpaccio are of exceptional quality, harvested from a third-generation family farm in Eastern Europe, specifically Croatia. This sourcing ensures a product that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the finest truffles from renowned regions like France and Italy, yet is available at a competitive price point​.

This versatile product is a perfect addition to a wide range of dishes, elevating everyday meals into gourmet experiences. It can be used to enhance the flavors of eggs, potatoes, grilled meats, vegetables, custards, and pasta dishes. Its ease of use – being pre-sliced and marinated – makes it a convenient, fuss-free option for adding a luxurious touch to various recipes​​​.

Zigante Tartufi's Black Truffle Carpaccio is a testament to culinary luxury, bringing the rich, earthy, and sophisticated flavors of black truffles to your kitchen in a convenient and accessible form. Whether used as a finishing touch on elegant dishes or as a key ingredient in everyday meals, this truffle carpaccio is sure to impress with its quality and flavor.