Acetaia Malpighi

Prelibato Rosè


About Prelibato Rosé

Prelibato Rosé, an exquisite embodiment of innovation and Italian culinary heritage, emerges as a unique and sophisticated condiment. Crafted from the must of the esteemed Modenese Trebbiano and Ancellotta grapes, this exceptional dressing is delicately infused with the essence of roses, introducing an unparalleled dimension to its flavor profile.

This natural creation, free from any artificial additives, is a vivid expression of culinary innovation, particularly in the realm of seafood. Its refined taste and originality make Prelibato Rosé not just a condiment, but a transformative ingredient, capable of elevating fish dishes with its subtle yet distinct rose-infused nuances.

Ideal for the discerning chef or culinary enthusiast, Prelibato Rosé is more than a mere dressing—it's an invitation to explore new gastronomic landscapes. Its elegant fusion of grape must and floral notes is a testament to the high-quality and originality that define this avant-garde Italian condiment. Add a touch of Prelibato Rosé to your dishes and experience an exquisite journey through taste, where tradition meets innovation on your plate.

About Acetaia Malpighi

Acetaia Malpighi has been a hallmark of excellence in the world of balsamic dressings for generations. Nestled in the heart of Italy, they merge time-honored techniques with an unwavering commitment to quality, producing balsamic creations that are both authentic and unparalleled in flavor. Every drop of Acetaia Malpighi's dressings tells a story of passion, heritage, and the relentless pursuit of perfection.

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