Famiglia Crispino

Salsa Per Amatori Con Basilico (BASIL SAUCE STARTER)


About Salsa Per Amatori Con Basilico

Introducing the epitome of purity and freshness: the Salsa Per Amatori Con Basilico. Handcrafted in the heart of Calabria, this sauce takes you on an authentic journey to the very farms where its ingredients were passionately grown. Embracing a 'locavore' philosophy, Famiglia Crispino ensures that every tomato used is harvested from a close-knit 50 kilometer radius, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness and vigor in taste.

Delicately processed within mere hours of harvesting, this strained tomato sauce is passed through specialized sieves that meticulously remove seeds and peels. This method ensures a vibrant, full-bodied taste that remains true to the tomato's natural essence. Celebrate a sauce that is absent of tomato concentrates, citric acid, and salt, yet bursting with the untouched flavors of its native soil. The low temperature, slow cooking method retains the intrinsic organoleptic characteristics, making the Salsa Per Amatori Con Basilico not just a sauce, but an experience; an invitation to 'See Taste Differently' with Taycte.

About Famiglia Crispino

Famiglia Crispino is a beacon of authentic Italian culinary craftsmanship from the heart of Calabria. Rooted in tradition and fueled by a passion for purity, they have, for generations, championed the use of local produce sourced within a 50 kilometer radius. Their unwavering dedication to simplicity and quality ensures that only the freshest and most vibrant ingredients are used in their products. By abstaining from acidity correctors like salt, sugar, and citric acid, they present a palate of flavors that's both genuine and unparalleled. At Famiglia Crispino, every sauce is not merely a condiment, but a heartfelt ode to the rich tapestry of Italian gastronomy.

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