Famiglia Crispino

Sugo Pronto Olive Verdi (READY GREEN OLIVE SAUCE)


About Sugo Pronto Olive Verdi

Embark on a culinary journey to the sun-kissed groves of Italy with Sugo Pronto Olive Verdi. Meticulously crafted, this sauce encapsulates the bold, briny essence of green olives, harmoniously melding them with the rich backdrop of premium Italian tomato pulp, resulting in a vibrant, Mediterranean-inspired experience.

At its core, the Italian tomato pulp delivers an indulgent foundation reminiscent of Calabrian tradition. The distinct flavor of green olives brings forth a delightful contrast, offering a burst of zestiness with each bite. The lusciousness of extra virgin olive oil intertwines seamlessly, enhancing the sauce's richness, while fragrant notes of onion and oregano pay homage to traditional Italian herby aromas. With the gentle seasoning of salt rounding off the flavors, Sugo Pronto Olive Verdi provides a taste voyage that is both sophisticated and genuinely authentic to Italy's age-old recipes.

About Famiglia Crispino

Famiglia Crispino is a beacon of authentic Italian culinary craftsmanship from the heart of Calabria. Rooted in tradition and fueled by a passion for purity, they have, for generations, championed the use of local produce sourced within a 50 kilometer radius. Their unwavering dedication to simplicity and quality ensures that only the freshest and most vibrant ingredients are used in their products. By abstaining from acidity correctors like salt, sugar, and citric acid, they present a palate of flavors that's both genuine and unparalleled. At Famiglia Crispino, every sauce is not merely a condiment, but a heartfelt ode to the rich tapestry of Italian gastronomy.

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