Acetaia Malpighi

D.O.P. Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Affinato


About Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Affinato

The Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Affinato is the embodiment of centuries-old Italian traditions and masterful craftsmanship. Made from 100% cooked grape must of Modena, specifically sourced from the Lambrusco and Trebbiano grapes, this exquisite balsamic vinegar boasts a rich legacy of over 12 years of aging. The result is a full-bodied and robust flavor profile, enhanced by intense woody undertones and a mesmerizing aroma.

Housed within the elegance of Murano glass, every drop of this Affinato balsamic resonates with passion, dedication, and precision. Its D.O.P. certification stands as a testament to its unrivaled authenticity and quality. Whether drizzled over cheeses, especially the illustrious parmigiano reggiano, tenderloin, sliced beef, or enriching a risotto, the Affinato elevates every culinary experience, making each bite an unforgettable journey through Italy's rich gastronomic heritage.

About Acetaia Malpighi

Acetaia Malpighi continues to define excellence in the realm of balsamic vinegars. With roots deeply entrenched in Italy's rich culinary landscape, they bring forth a symphony of flavors, encapsulating the very essence of time-honored traditions and unwavering dedication to quality. Every bottle from Acetaia Malpighi is not just a condiment but a story, an experience, and a legacy in liquid form.

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